The Fun of Social Media

Being around someone who is critical of social media can be somewhat annoying. I mean realistically when we look at where the world is heading and how media is taking over, we notice how much it plays a role in our daily life. Life is made much easier and fun with social media. Yes, there is always the complaint about how it can be distracting and “terrible” but honestly, life would be boring without it. Daniel Nations takes a look at why people should get involved with online social media networks, and how social media can be fun.

Social Media pie chart

Having a cell phone is something that used to be look at as a gift or a reward, now it is getting to the point to where a good portion of elementary kids have phones. The IPhone has taken over in the cell phone industry and is the leading type of phone being used. As you can see in the pie chart, it by far leads the way over all the other types of phones. The IPhone makes it available for you to have fun in your hand by downloading apps and being able to access the Internet quickly. Social media allows people like you and me to have some fun with designs and to look at different pictures to get ideas. For example in this link to 55 interesting social media infographics.

Something that I enjoy the most about social media and apps is the availability of video. For example, March Madness is just now getting started and due to social media, I am able to stay up to date with what games are happening, what the score is, and some interesting facts about the game. I am also able to follow the bracket and watch the games. You know this is very important to me because there are certain classes that encourage watching sports…. well in some students opinion. Overall the growing social life of social media has provided fun for people and more enjoyable time on their phones.

social media march madness

Take a look at this YouTube video which shares some interesting facts about Social Media in the year 2014. This shares information to encourage the productivity that Social Media can bring and the excitement involved.

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The Power and Popularity of Social Media

What Makes Social Media Popular?

Social media is taking over the lives of Americans, becoming something that is involved in everyday activities in almost every job type. If you use the Internet for personal use, or for your job, then the names of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are probably familiar to you. Many jobs have put forth an effort to incorporate social media into their business more and more as it grows. Whether that be having a Twitter account, Facebook page, or supplying coupons to bribe customers, social media is becoming more popular in the business world and in people’s every day lives.

Social media provides many types of services and benefits to users of all ages. As it becomes more popular in every day life, the question arises as to what specifically is the trigger that makes social media so popular? Brandignity explains six of the most common and reasons as to why social media is more popular today.

1) Opportunity to meet new people- great for meeting new people around the world and gives you access to millions of people worldwide. This also allows for more business opportunities to enhance work.

2) Social Networking sites are user-friendly- The key here is to be very friendly and easy for people to understand and use so more people will become connected online.

3) Join Groups that share your interest- Finding people who enjoy the same activities and have the same hobbies as you. Also finding clubs to be apart of and share memberships with each other.

4) They are free to use- Open and free to everyone in the public. Anyone has access to them and can create an account.

5) Job market- Helping people establish themselves to find a job. People can establish what their job is about online. People looking for jobs can post stuff like skills, accomplishments, and previous experiences for employers to see.

6) Helps Businesses to reach out- Helping businesses reach their prospective and target customer the best way they can. Businesses can also find out personal information about target audiences which can help with reaching their target customer.

Something that makes sites attractive to people is the amount of accessibility there is because so many social media sites are on hand held devices and personal phones for free. Many people seem to say that social media takes over their spare time and need some time away from it. Many people choose to give it up for lent, or for a specific time just because they need a break. Social Media is tempting because of the drama and information of other peoples business. How often have you been sitting somewhere wanting to know about your friends and all the sudden you find yourself checking social media seeing what other people are doing? It happens everyday and is very addicting which attracts people making it popular.

social media pic

Due to the fact that social media is so popular, it also brings some risks because so many people are involved. Younger generations are getting exposed to more and more and many of them are starting to use social media with brings out personal information for others to find out. Social media can be used to criticize businesses and have scams set up that affect personal life. Younger kids are helping social media continue to become larger and the easier social media is, the more older generations attempt to be involved. Overall, people want social media to be a part of their life, but just make sure not too much information is getting out and is protected.

Check out the History of Social Media to see how social media has become popular and grown throughout the years.

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How Private is Social Media?

Privacy may not be so “Private”:

In the world today, social media sites are the top places where people, specifically teens and young adults share information about themselves. Of course the sites are meant for sharing thoughts, pictures, and other personal information but there are always little behind the scenes factors that many teens do not take into consideration when dealing with these sites. In the past few years, from what I have noticed, more and more teens and younger generations and getting involved with social media and sharing more and more statuses about themselves everyday. Media Bistro does a fascinating job of portraying how social media sites have grown in the past years using many graphs and pictures. There is a significant rise and presumably is not headed in the direction to decline anytime soon. Since so many teens and people are  getting involved, other people and keying into social media as a key tool to access information to bank accounts and other personal accounts. The easiest way to someone’s personal life is by getting involved with what they are involved in. Only 9% of teens with social media actually take the concern of a third-party access as “very” concerned.

This is a hilarious but scary scene of events that is shown in this YouTube video, a man shows just how easy it is to creep people out around you with personal information about them.

In this graph we can see how specific parts have grown in the Facebook world from 2006-2012. All of the five categories have progressively grown over the six years. People may not even think about how a picture can affect them, but as the video above portrayed, even an image will enhance someones chances of finding you by a significant deal.

Image social media

The amount of information out on the web for people the view may not be the amount you were thinking. From what the video and graph above show, people know how to work every way to learn more personal information about a single person. This is a serious factor in the world today due to the fact that most daily involvements take place online such as banking, orders, contacting people, etc. If someone is attempting to find out more information about someone, it is becoming easier  to accomplish every day and social media is just fueling the fire. I know this is short and simple, but in reality that is whats best to realize that you may not be protected as much as you think. If you are using social media sights, many people have access to personal information that you may think is only visible to you.

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Social Media in the Lives of Younger Generation

Being born in the early 1990’s and growing up with technology has had a major influence on my generation. From the first computer becoming available, to having a computer which would be portable, to having a phone without cords, this generation has seen it all. The assumptions that people make is that technology is very advanced as of now, but then people wonder where technology can go and how much more advanced it can get. The generations currently coming up and generations to come are set for a ride with inventions that will change the way they live their life. Something that changed my lifestyle is social media. As social media continues to grow and become more natural for peoples everyday use, it brings up the question,how will social media make a difference in the lives of youngergenerations?


Social Media asa Distraction:

In the world today, being involved in what others around you are doing is very popular. If a new trend of clothing is starting, a new dance, or even a saying is becoming popular, a majority of people will pick up on whatever it may be and they will want to fit in. In the world of social media, things such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are all examples to prove that point where when it starts to become popular everyone wants to be involved and create an account. This is where social media can become one the biggest distractions. According to a blog written by Jason Wright, 22% of teenagers, who have social media accounts, check their favorite site at least 10 times a day. He also found that 75% of the teenagers he looked at had their own personal cell phone. Students who have a cell phone capable of accessing social media websites can easily become very distracted. Every year it seems that younger kids are starting to get their own cell phones and are constantly on the Internet. When in school, it becomes such a habit for students to want to check up and see what is happening instead of focusing and paying attention to what they are being taught. Facebook and Twitter are the top two social media sites respectively with 900,000,000 Facebook vies a month and 290,000,000 views a month for Twitter. Social Media is becoming more distracting every year and every generation coming up is being exposed to it more and more.

Benefits of Social Media:

Although it seems that social media brings a lot of trouble, there are plenty, if not more, benefits. Social media is a very helpful tool to keep up with what is happening currently all across the world, and to know and understand different factors to life. This short YouTube video explains a few social media benefits and how they can help you as a person succeed. As younger generations grow up in a world full of social media, it will benefit them in that they will understand more technology and how to enhance their knowledge through the Internet. As many can obviously see, the Internet is looked at as something that is used everywhere almost every day. Businesses conduct everything online, payments are made online, and for younger generations, the benefit of having technology be so advanced will make their life easier and more efficient. Another benefit is that students can keep in touch with their friends easier and keep relationships in tact throughout their life. For example, older adults who were unable to communicate easily with friends from school are now able to connect with them through social media. Overall, social media has made an impact on younger generations growing up that will cause their lives to be more efficient than generations in the past.

Where Social Media is going:

Social media is headed in a direction I believe that will continue to change how people live for many generations to come. The direction may be misleading to some, but I strongly believe that the world will be a more efficient place to live. Upcoming students may spend more time on social media sites but becoming smarter with technology will benefit them in many circumstances. There will be new sites that become popular, and overall everything will turn to media and all communication will be though media. Social Media has changed the lives on generations coming up and will continue to change how people live their lives for generations to come. Image

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Is Social Media Changing The Sports World?


Social media is changing the way sports are looked at, the way sports are played, and the amount of sports knowledge people receive. Sports are a large part of tradition in America. Whether it be watching the Super Bowl, watching a game in person, or playing football during thanksgiving, sports have always been tradition. So we ask the question, is the world of sports from high school all the way up to professional competition changing due to social media?

HOW SPORTS ARE VIEWED: Social media gives people easy access to information. This can cause athletes to have a bad reputation is some of the most common cases where an athlete is accused of something, it blows up through social media, everyone thinks the athlete did what was said and in some cases a bad reputation is built. Even if the athlete did not do what was being discussed, the rumors still linger in the air. Overall, this part of social media can cause fans to look at athletes with a sense of less respect.

THE WAY SPORTS ARE PLAYED: It has been said that players have changed their actions on the playing surface during events due to the fact that if something small happens, it could trigger a blow up throughout social media, bringing more attention to that certain athlete than they would desire. On the other hand, social media is benefiting sports and how they are played specifically in the college athlete environment by helping spread recruits around the country. Being able to communicate easier, promote the program, and get fans involve truly help influence athletes to want to play their sport at your university. In this fascinating article, it explains the story of how one recruit found twitter beneficial in making his decision for college football.

ENHANCING PEOPLE”S KNOWLEDGE OF SPORTS: People are so busy doing many different things everyday that not being able to watch a game is no problem anymore. With the access to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites every big play, and a few plays in between, are mentioned or shown through video. It has changed the way people know sports due to the instant access instead of waiting to watch highlights on TV later or on the internet. Also, going back to what I mentioned above, changes in rules, games, player trades , etc. are easier to find out. If a recruit signs with a team, within seconds fans of that sports team can know through social media.

Overall, it has changed people’s views of sports both for the good and for the bad, changed the way the particular sport is played, and helped fans be more involved by enhancing their knowledge of what is going on currently and faster. As social media becomes more influential in humans everyday lives, I believe it will continue to have different affects on the sports world.

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