Social Media in the Lives of Younger Generation

Being born in the early 1990’s and growing up with technology has had a major influence on my generation. From the first computer becoming available, to having a computer which would be portable, to having a phone without cords, this generation has seen it all. The assumptions that people make is that technology is very advanced as of now, but then people wonder where technology can go and how much more advanced it can get. The generations currently coming up and generations to come are set for a ride with inventions that will change the way they live their life. Something that changed my lifestyle is social media. As social media continues to grow and become more natural for peoples everyday use, it brings up the question,how will social media make a difference in the lives of youngergenerations?


Social Media asa Distraction:

In the world today, being involved in what others around you are doing is very popular. If a new trend of clothing is starting, a new dance, or even a saying is becoming popular, a majority of people will pick up on whatever it may be and they will want to fit in. In the world of social media, things such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are all examples to prove that point where when it starts to become popular everyone wants to be involved and create an account. This is where social media can become one the biggest distractions. According to a blog written by Jason Wright, 22% of teenagers, who have social media accounts, check their favorite site at least 10 times a day. He also found that 75% of the teenagers he looked at had their own personal cell phone. Students who have a cell phone capable of accessing social media websites can easily become very distracted. Every year it seems that younger kids are starting to get their own cell phones and are constantly on the Internet. When in school, it becomes such a habit for students to want to check up and see what is happening instead of focusing and paying attention to what they are being taught. Facebook and Twitter are the top two social media sites respectively with 900,000,000 Facebook vies a month and 290,000,000 views a month for Twitter. Social Media is becoming more distracting every year and every generation coming up is being exposed to it more and more.

Benefits of Social Media:

Although it seems that social media brings a lot of trouble, there are plenty, if not more, benefits. Social media is a very helpful tool to keep up with what is happening currently all across the world, and to know and understand different factors to life. This short YouTube video explains a few social media benefits and how they can help you as a person succeed. As younger generations grow up in a world full of social media, it will benefit them in that they will understand more technology and how to enhance their knowledge through the Internet. As many can obviously see, the Internet is looked at as something that is used everywhere almost every day. Businesses conduct everything online, payments are made online, and for younger generations, the benefit of having technology be so advanced will make their life easier and more efficient. Another benefit is that students can keep in touch with their friends easier and keep relationships in tact throughout their life. For example, older adults who were unable to communicate easily with friends from school are now able to connect with them through social media. Overall, social media has made an impact on younger generations growing up that will cause their lives to be more efficient than generations in the past.

Where Social Media is going:

Social media is headed in a direction I believe that will continue to change how people live for many generations to come. The direction may be misleading to some, but I strongly believe that the world will be a more efficient place to live. Upcoming students may spend more time on social media sites but becoming smarter with technology will benefit them in many circumstances. There will be new sites that become popular, and overall everything will turn to media and all communication will be though media. Social Media has changed the lives on generations coming up and will continue to change how people live their lives for generations to come. Image

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3 Responses to Social Media in the Lives of Younger Generation

  1. Brock says:

    Not a bad article by any means. I really love your thoughts. There needs to be more bloggers on the web like you.

  2. It is crazy to see how young kids are becoming inundated and stuck on social media. It is nearly impossible to live life without it at this present time and place. But it is also true we do not know what tomorrow has in store with us. It is safe to say that social media is not going anywhere anytime soon. We are much too narcissistic and love being in the loop. Social media has gained so much recently that we do not know how to use it correctly for the most part. That will be the next big step, using social media correctly.

  3. Chase McKelvey says:

    I agree that social media has changed the way we live and continue to change our lives drastically. I believe younger generations will be in for a rude awakening when they grow up and depends if they use social media as an advantage or distraction. Great blog.

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