How Private is Social Media?

Privacy may not be so “Private”:

In the world today, social media sites are the top places where people, specifically teens and young adults share information about themselves. Of course the sites are meant for sharing thoughts, pictures, and other personal information but there are always little behind the scenes factors that many teens do not take into consideration when dealing with these sites. In the past few years, from what I have noticed, more and more teens and younger generations and getting involved with social media and sharing more and more statuses about themselves everyday. Media Bistro does a fascinating job of portraying how social media sites have grown in the past years using many graphs and pictures. There is a significant rise and presumably is not headed in the direction to decline anytime soon. Since so many teens and people are  getting involved, other people and keying into social media as a key tool to access information to bank accounts and other personal accounts. The easiest way to someone’s personal life is by getting involved with what they are involved in. Only 9% of teens with social media actually take the concern of a third-party access as “very” concerned.

This is a hilarious but scary scene of events that is shown in this YouTube video, a man shows just how easy it is to creep people out around you with personal information about them.

In this graph we can see how specific parts have grown in the Facebook world from 2006-2012. All of the five categories have progressively grown over the six years. People may not even think about how a picture can affect them, but as the video above portrayed, even an image will enhance someones chances of finding you by a significant deal.

Image social media

The amount of information out on the web for people the view may not be the amount you were thinking. From what the video and graph above show, people know how to work every way to learn more personal information about a single person. This is a serious factor in the world today due to the fact that most daily involvements take place online such as banking, orders, contacting people, etc. If someone is attempting to find out more information about someone, it is becoming easier  to accomplish every day and social media is just fueling the fire. I know this is short and simple, but in reality that is whats best to realize that you may not be protected as much as you think. If you are using social media sights, many people have access to personal information that you may think is only visible to you.

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2 Responses to How Private is Social Media?

  1. Alysha says:

    I agree completely that many teenagers do not know that their “privacy” is not private. I am always interested in how you put words in a format. Great job!

  2. Davis Halle says:

    It is scary to see how easy it is to find peoples personal information online. People do need to really be careful about what they post and who they chose to have as online “friends”. Great post hitting some important points about understanding the danger of social media.

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