The Power and Popularity of Social Media

What Makes Social Media Popular?

Social media is taking over the lives of Americans, becoming something that is involved in everyday activities in almost every job type. If you use the Internet for personal use, or for your job, then the names of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are probably familiar to you. Many jobs have put forth an effort to incorporate social media into their business more and more as it grows. Whether that be having a Twitter account, Facebook page, or supplying coupons to bribe customers, social media is becoming more popular in the business world and in people’s every day lives.

Social media provides many types of services and benefits to users of all ages. As it becomes more popular in every day life, the question arises as to what specifically is the trigger that makes social media so popular? Brandignity explains six of the most common and reasons as to why social media is more popular today.

1) Opportunity to meet new people- great for meeting new people around the world and gives you access to millions of people worldwide. This also allows for more business opportunities to enhance work.

2) Social Networking sites are user-friendly- The key here is to be very friendly and easy for people to understand and use so more people will become connected online.

3) Join Groups that share your interest- Finding people who enjoy the same activities and have the same hobbies as you. Also finding clubs to be apart of and share memberships with each other.

4) They are free to use- Open and free to everyone in the public. Anyone has access to them and can create an account.

5) Job market- Helping people establish themselves to find a job. People can establish what their job is about online. People looking for jobs can post stuff like skills, accomplishments, and previous experiences for employers to see.

6) Helps Businesses to reach out- Helping businesses reach their prospective and target customer the best way they can. Businesses can also find out personal information about target audiences which can help with reaching their target customer.

Something that makes sites attractive to people is the amount of accessibility there is because so many social media sites are on hand held devices and personal phones for free. Many people seem to say that social media takes over their spare time and need some time away from it. Many people choose to give it up for lent, or for a specific time just because they need a break. Social Media is tempting because of the drama and information of other peoples business. How often have you been sitting somewhere wanting to know about your friends and all the sudden you find yourself checking social media seeing what other people are doing? It happens everyday and is very addicting which attracts people making it popular.

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Due to the fact that social media is so popular, it also brings some risks because so many people are involved. Younger generations are getting exposed to more and more and many of them are starting to use social media with brings out personal information for others to find out. Social media can be used to criticize businesses and have scams set up that affect personal life. Younger kids are helping social media continue to become larger and the easier social media is, the more older generations attempt to be involved. Overall, people want social media to be a part of their life, but just make sure not too much information is getting out and is protected.

Check out the History of Social Media to see how social media has become popular and grown throughout the years.

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2 Responses to The Power and Popularity of Social Media

  1. Its true, there is a social media outlet for any kind of person. No matter what kind of niche you are in, you can find the website to connect you to like minded people. This is something only our generation has the ability to do, before social media, it was much more difficult to find some subcultures. But if a naive, innocent person finds the wrong site, it can be pretty detrimental.

  2. kschuuu1 says:

    What’s up J Mac! I really enjoy reading your blogs because they always have such valuable information. I like how you showed 6 reasons why social media is popular today. Your layout and content is very clear and easy to read! Great job J Mac 😉 Keep up the fantastic work!

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