The Fun of Social Media

Being around someone who is critical of social media can be somewhat annoying. I mean realistically when we look at where the world is heading and how media is taking over, we notice how much it plays a role in our daily life. Life is made much easier and fun with social media. Yes, there is always the complaint about how it can be distracting and “terrible” but honestly, life would be boring without it. Daniel Nations takes a look at why people should get involved with online social media networks, and how social media can be fun.

Social Media pie chart

Having a cell phone is something that used to be look at as a gift or a reward, now it is getting to the point to where a good portion of elementary kids have phones. The IPhone has taken over in the cell phone industry and is the leading type of phone being used. As you can see in the pie chart, it by far leads the way over all the other types of phones. The IPhone makes it available for you to have fun in your hand by downloading apps and being able to access the Internet quickly. Social media allows people like you and me to have some fun with designs and to look at different pictures to get ideas. For example in this link to 55 interesting social media infographics.

Something that I enjoy the most about social media and apps is the availability of video. For example, March Madness is just now getting started and due to social media, I am able to stay up to date with what games are happening, what the score is, and some interesting facts about the game. I am also able to follow the bracket and watch the games. You know this is very important to me because there are certain classes that encourage watching sports…. well in some students opinion. Overall the growing social life of social media has provided fun for people and more enjoyable time on their phones.

social media march madness

Take a look at this YouTube video which shares some interesting facts about Social Media in the year 2014. This shares information to encourage the productivity that Social Media can bring and the excitement involved.

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